Cloud Telephony

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone system feature that allows customers or business employees to interact with a computer system through voice or touch-tone dialing.

With Interactive Voice Response, your automated telephony system can have basic interactions with your callers without having to go through a human operator, consuming both their and your agent’s time.

An IVR system is an efficient way of routing calls to their appropriate recipient. The IVR can prompt customers through a series of menus and options that will lead them to the right department. That way, when they finally do speak to a human voice, it’s someone who is equipped to handle their concerns.

IVR system responses are played back after user input. These responses can be pre-recorded audio files or digitally generated voices, and they can assist, direct, and route calls automatically based on user responses.

Within these interactions, clients can communicate by using either the touch-tone keypad selection or voice telephone input. The responses take the form of voice, callback, or any other related media (like sending an email or text alert).

All these features can be used without the assistance of a live operator. This reduces the number of people needed to address customer concerns and limits the amount of time skilled agents have to spend on more menial tasks, like call routing.


1. 100% Cloud solution, No hardware installation

2. Single number to display in your ads and promotion

3. Multiple Agent can be tagged to received multiple calls at same time

4. No more miss call

5. All calls are recorded online on cloud

6. Easy access from anywhere in the world

7. All calls logs are captured to create your own client database

8. Easy Call Center setup

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