TEMPLATE MAPPING or ADDING in https://smsozone.com Portal

Complete the following Process after approval of Templates.

Login to your User id of SMSOZONE.COM
Go to My Templates>> Add New/Edit Templates
Click on Add New Template and Update the details of the Approved Templates in the Portal along with Template Id & Template Name.

Note: Only Approved Templates should be added because we will be passing the same information while delivering your SMS to the operator to validate the content, and any mismatch in any content or other parameters may result in failure of the SMS, which is not refundable.

If your templates are approved by DLT, check these points:

  • Map your SMS Content Template 
  • Make sure you pass the correct combination of Template Id, Header, and SMS Content (Even special characters in your SMS content should be passed exactly).
  • Make sure you pass less than 30 characters in place of a variable; if you need to pass more than 30 characters apply 2 variables {#var#} {#var#}.
  • Make sure that on DLT you have applied variable only in this format {#var#} and not as ##var##; if applied wrongly, kindly apply the template again.
  • If SMS still fails, check all steps on self debugging

If you have still not applied your Templates on DLT, check these points:
Apply under Service Implicit or Explicit option only.

Service Implicit:
All kinds of purely Transactional SMS contents like OTPs, Orders, Passwords, etc.

Service Explicit: 
All kinds of Notification and Promotional contents like Offers, New Launches, etc.
Kindly ensure to mention your Brand Name in your SMS Template.

For Example of Sample SMS Content Below.
Your OTP is {#var#}
OzoneSMS Pvt Ltd
Note: Enter Full Name of your brand to avoid rejection of templates approval.

Make sure that on DLT you have applied variable only in this format {#var#} and not as ##var##.

Our Team takes lots of efforts & resources to create the Support Video to make the easy process, so that it will make our users to clearly understand the detailed steps and process.

As all users are equal to us and valuable to us.

So Request you to kindly keep patience as Neither Telephone Operator is Paying us to complete the process nor we are charging our customers. You may face delay in getting response as all our team is working from home as per Govt norms.

The motive of creating a detailed support video is to save valuable time and resources, and hope you can understand.

If you are a reseller let your Sub-client know about the same. For more get in touch with your Business Account Manager and treat it as most urgent..

We would like to keep serving you for longer time and would be happy to attend any other query you may have on this.

Please Keep Any desk Software Download & Install Ready before Calling Remote Support.

Best Regards

Regulatory Team

We are following the Instructions from the Telecom operators for this Process based on the TRAI Mandate and are not sure about the implications and effects of this process. Thanks for cooperating with us.