API that allows your business to integrate SMS (Short Message Service) messaging into your existing software platforms.

SMS APIs enable you to send or receive SMS messages quickly and easily through any website or application

Verify your users by SMS without making them deal with verification codes. By using the SMS Retriever API, your app can automatically retrieve verification codes intended for your app, without having to request full SMS reading permissions.
Or, use the SMS User Consent API to get one-time permission to retrieve a single verification code.

SMS OTP helps protect your business and your customers. One-time passwords are more secure than traditional static passwords your customers generate. OTPs may even replace them for authentication purposes.

You can now send One-time passwords via the OzoneSMS Gateway as well.

OTPs are, for example, really beneficial for:

  • E-shops
  • Banks and other financial services
  • Services and systems that have to verify users identity
Many More...

SMS API Available with following Platforms

.NET, PHP , C# , Android , IOS , Python , Java , VB6.0 , HTTP, XML