Please note TRAI has announced , 1st April 2021 as GO LIVE date for the regulatory process of scrubbing the Template ID with all the operators .Now PE’s/TMs are required to upload all their content templates to any operator DLT portal for messages to be successfully delivered.

TRAI Official Release Link Below.

As communicated earlier our Team is ready with the options for you to support while transitioning smoothly to the new DLT process.

Once your Content Templates are approved on the DLT platform, you have to add the same details in your User Login at SMS Portal that the same parameters are sent to the operator when you are actually sending SMS. 
          Step1: Login to your User id of SMSOZONE.COM
          Step2: Go to My Templates>> Add New/Edit Templates
          Step3: Click on Add New Template and Update the details of the Approved Templates in the Portal along with Template Id & Template Name.
Note: Only Approved Templates should be added because we will be passing the same information while delivering your SMS to the operator to validate the content, and any mismatch in any content or other parameters may result in failure of the SMS, which is not refundable.
Also to bring you into notice that every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain “Brand Name”, these changes have been discussed and agreed by all the operators.

Templates without ‘Brand Name(s)’ will be considered invalid which means SMS (OTP/Transaction Alert/ any other SMS)  will not deliver to the customers.

We request you to kindly adhere to the above timelines and ensure all your content templates are uploaded and approved by any of the operators and the same template related details need to be passed to while pushing traffic to us via API / SMPP Connections or while sending UI based SMS(campaigns).


If you are a reseller let your Sub-client know about the same. For more get in touch with your Business Account Manager and treat it as most urgent..

We would like to keep serving you for longer time and would be happy to attend any other query you may have on this.

Please Keep Anydesk Software Download & Install Ready before Calling Remote Support.

If in case you face any issues post that, feel free to contact our support team

Regulatory Team

We are following the Instructions from the Telecom operators for this Process based on the TRAI Mandate and are not sure about the implications and effects of this process. Thanks for cooperating with us.